Obama Campaign Officially Jumps the Shark

Wow, just wow.

I think it’s safe to say President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has officially jumped the shark.

I don’t know what else to say about their newly released ad featuring actress Lena Dunham comparing voting to losing her virginity:

President Obama’s campaign is out with an eyebrow-raising new ad targeting young voters in which  Lena Dunham, the creator of the HBO hit series ‘Girls,’ compares her first voting experience to losing her virginity.

‘Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody,’ Dunham, 26, says in the ad. ‘You want to do it with a great guy.’

Dunham goes on to explain that ‘your first time’ should be with ‘someone who really cares about and understands women; A guy who cares whether you get health insurance and specifically whether you get birth control.’

‘The consequences are huge,’ she continues.

Dunham wraps up the Obama ad by describing her coming-of-age experience at the voting booth.

‘It was this line in the sand,’ she says. ‘Before, I was a girl. Now, I was a woman. I went to the polling station, I pulled back the curtain, I voted for Barack Obama.’

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by this ad, Pres. Obama and his fellow Democrats have all but lost the argument on the economy and have gone all in on abortion rights in effort to try to distract women from their lack of answers on the economy, jobs and national security.

The ad itself is the single most profoundly illogical and sophomoric appeal I’ve ever seen in American politics.  It speaks volumes about the contempt President Obama, and Democrats in general, hold for women. They seem to believe that women aren’t intelligent or informed enough to see through such tacky rhetoric and will blindly follow them like sheep.

Newsflash: They’re not… They’re every bit as concerned about the economy, jobs and national security as men are.

Anyway, it’s sad moment in our history when a sitting president resorts to this sort of tawdry desperation… it cheapens the office and emboldens all the disrespectful, sleazy misogynists who seek to objectify and degrade women on daily basis.

Shame on you Mr. President, shame on you.


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