The Obligatory Jimmy Carter is a Tool Post

I wasn’t going to comment on Jimmy Carter’s asinine remarks on race because frankly they don’t deserve comment. But after America’s crazy aunt, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi mumbled something about political violence in her weekly press briefing I thought I should take a moment to point out that these are two people that no sane person should take seriously.

Let’s not forget Jimmy Carter was one of the worst Presidents in American history, his term in office was marked by a faltering economy, high unemployment, high interest rates, crippling inflation and an energy crisis… this is a man whose bumbling led to 53 American diplomats being held hostage in Iran for 444 days.

This is man how kissed a totalitarian on the cheek and pronounced American fears of Soviet Communism overblown.

This is a man who addressed the nation during an economic crisis and told us to more or less to get used to it.

If there is politically inspired violence it will be because people like former Pres. Carter and Speaker Pelosi irresponsibly throw around charges of racism. Never mind that her interpretation of the entire Moscone-Milk-White episode in San Francisco is just off the wall… As Ed Morrissey points out “Dan White was not a right-wing politician; he was a registered Democrat and considered a moderate. He assassinated Moscone after the mayor refused to reappoint him as supervisor, a post White had resigned but then regretted leaving. He shot Milk five times on the way out of City Hall after personal animosity between the two had erupted earlier over a zoning dispute.”

If there is anyone who is stoking racial and/or political anger is this country it’s Democrats who have lost the argument the on merits and who are trying to demonize those they disagree with. Let’s not forget it was Speaker Pelosi who along with America’s crazy uncle, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, who called those who disagreed with their health care reform agenda un-American in a USA Today op-ed.

Madam Speaker, Mr. President, our opposition to Pres. Obama’s policies is not about race. We simply have fundamentally different vision of the role government and as Americans we have a God given, constitutionally protected right to disagree.


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